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April 2018 Real Estate Build Update!!

Who is this build for you ask?

What is the Real Estate Build?

Fifty caring real estate companies in El Paso County, selected and invited by Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity (PPHFH), join together to financially sponsor and build a house for Candace and Sanford and their five children.

Why participate in the Real Estate Build?

• You can build community with a hands-on project that helps a family achieve homeownership.
• Friendly competition, bragging rights, trophy and dinner for the winning “team”.
• Media attention, name in media releases and on website, tax incentive and more.
• Use your talents, learn new skills and make a positive impact.
• Partner with others to make a transformative difference in the lives of families.

Candace and Sanford's Family

What is expected of me or my real estate colleagues?

• The minimum financial commitment of sponsorship is $5,000 ($2,500 from brokerage and $2,500 from a “team” of 10 within the brokerage company).
• Signed “Letter of Partnership” by June 30th, 2018.
• Each group provides a point of contact to coordinate and communicate with PPHFH.

What is expected of Pikes Peak Habitat?

• We select a qualified family committed to partnering with the program.
• PPHFH provides the land, architecture plans, construction supervisor, and materials.
• When requested, we can assist with volunteer coordination and fundraising efforts.
• PPHFH will clearly communicate expectations to all partner sponsors.

Where do we build?

Country Living, our 34-home neighborhood in Fountain, Colorado.

How is the homeowner chosen?

Habitat uses a fair and unbiased family selection process, choosing families based on:
• Need for affordable housing.
• Ability to pay their mortgage.
• Willingness to partner with Habitat.

The real estate industry is booming in El Paso County and what better way to give back to your community than through Habitat?

How did this Real Estate Build Get Started?

In late 2016, several real estate entities approached Pikes Peak Habitat to see how they could sponsor a house.

Thanks to the companies on the right - Swift Results; Pikes Peak Association of Realtors; Accent Realty & Renovations and Assurance Properties, LLC.; Berkshire Hathaway Home Services; Colorado Peak Real Estate; Discovery Homes; SellState Alliance Realty; Maverick Homes Inc.; and Property Partners Home Solutions - we now have seed money, a foundation toward building a new house for the Williams family. Your contribution as a real estate professional will help make this house build a reality!

Realtors, land-owners, property managers, title companies, builders, mortgage holders, and mortgage lenders – all can support the Real Estate Build!

Click here to read more about partnering with us.


To participate in this project, please sign our Letter of Partnership and go to our online donation page.

Click here to join the Real Estate Build Giving Competition

For those donating $2,500 or more, preference will be given to work on site as an Adopt-A-Day.


Got questions? Please contact Iain Probert at 719.475.7800 ext. 105.

Thank you for Building Community through real estate!

Check out our page 12 article featuring Pikes Peak Habitat in the Colorado Springs Real Estate Journal!

Donations are tax deductible in the year they are made — by the end of Dec. 31

If you put a contribution to Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity on a credit card by the end of the year and don't pay the bill until 2019, it's still deductible in 2018.

If you choose to mail a check to Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity, it must be postmarked by Monday, December 31st, 2018. Adhering to these dates will ensure you get the tax benefit for this year, 2018.