Attention: This year's Volunteer Appreciation Event has been confirmed for Thursday, April 11th, 2019. Please note the date was changed from the previously advertised February 28th. Listening to our volunteers' feedback, we want our regular volunteers to attend with one guest (over 18), but our original location could not host more people. In changing the location for additional guests, we had to change to an available date. Thank you for your understanding and we're sorry for any inconvenience.

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Volunteer Appreciation Event
Thursday, April 11, 2019
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Volunteer Appreciation Event 2018

Our Volunteer Appreciation Event was presented on April 5th, 2018.

It was made possible by the generous support of

As a lead up to this year's National Volunteer Week (April 15th - 21st, 2018), we looked back at 2017 and celebrated volunteers for all the work they did with us to build homes and transform lives through affordable homeownership.

Please read below to learn about the awards and winners from last year's event.

At the end of this page, you can learn more about one very special award - the George Hammond Award.

Millard Fuller Award

The volunteer who demonstrates leadership, going above and beyond the call of duty, and who exemplifies asking others to get involved.

(voted on by the PPHFH Board of Directors & Staff, Construction & ReStore Committees, and Volunteers)

Millard Fuller Award Recipient: Peter Scanlon


Previous Winners: Amber Martin (16’), Rick Klaber (15’), Frank Bernhard (14’), Jon Stephens (13’), Greg Barbuto (12’), Steve Boyce (11’), Art & Laurel Thorstensen (10’), Pauleta Terven (09’), Sandie Trowbridge (08’), Tim Trowbridge (07’), Kevin Dibble (06’)

Millard Fuller Award – Peter Scanlon

Sam Adams, PPHFH Board President with Peter Scanlon, Award Winner.


Linda Fuller Award

The volunteer who does an outstanding job in working with our partner families, and exemplifies compassion and devotion for our Habitat partner families during and after their path to homeownership.

(voted on by the PPHFH Board of Directors, Affiliate Committees, Volunteers, and Staff)

2017 Linda Fuller Award Recipients: Leonie Cramer


Previous Winners: Laurel & Art Thorstensen (16’), Laura Kindseth (15’), Jackie Trimble (14’), John Sebben (13’), Mike Haskell (12’), Nancy Snyder (11’), Steve & Carol Reedy (10’), Sandy Duvall (09’), Cliff Wantz (08’), Dominic Incitti (07’), Jeff Mawhirter (17’)

Linda Filler Award – Leonie Cramer

Janet Risley, PPHFH Director of Homeowner Services, with Leonie Cramer, Award Winner (center), and Caitlin Daberkow, PPHFH Homeowner Services Coordinator.


Journeyman Award

The volunteer who has made a long-term commitment to Habitat and performs vital behind-the-scenes work for our affiliate, and is ready and willing to do whatever is needed to keep Habitat running smoothly.

(Voted on by PPHFH Staff)

2017 Journeyman Award Recipient: Roger Condie


Previous Winners: Tim Trowbridge (16’), Paul Rohrer (15’), Anthony Woloch (14’), Jim Riggins (13’), Stan Anderson (12’), Tri-Lakes Disposal (11’), Clark Land Surveying, Inc (10’), Leroy Springer (09’), John Chittenden (08’), Mike Stine (07’), Scott Westermann (06’)

Journeyman Award – Roger Condie

Jeff White, PPHFH Chief Operating Officer, with Roger Condie, Award Winner.


Volunteer Group of the Year

The volunteer group who volunteers frequently at our Habitat construction site. Not only does this group demonstrate outstanding construction ability, but this group also displays spirit and devotion to building Habitat homes.

(Construction award voted on by Construction Volunteers and Staff)

(ReStore award voted on by ReStore Volunteers and Staff)

2017 Construction Volunteer Group of the Year: IEC Southern Colorado Chapter

2017 ReStore Volunteer Group of the Year: USAF Cadets


Previous Winners: Boecore Inc. (16’), Holy Apostles Catholic Church (15’), Ent Federal Credit Union (14’), Wells Fargo (13’), Parade of Homes Decorating Team (13’), Chili’s (12’), Cultured Singles (10’), Colorado Springs Utilities (09’), T. Rowe Price (08’), Pine Creek HS HFH Club (07’), Wells Fargo (06’)

Previous Winners: Overture Day Program (16’)

Construction Group of the Year-IEC Contractors

Sam Adams, PPHFH Board President with, Kathy Gurba & Curt Brewer, accepting the award for IEC Southern Colorado, Award Winners.

ReStore Group of the Year

Sam Adams, PPHFH Board President with Altin-Myka Hing, Cadet First Class, accepting the award for the USAFA Cadets, Award Winners.


The Chris Brownlow Golden Hammer Award

This award is named in honor of Chris Brownlow and is presented to the individual who displays the joyful and loving qualities Chris consistently demonstrated. These characteristics include strong leadership, always performing work with joy and a positive attitude, having a servant spirit and conducting him or herself in a manner that is synonymous with the philosophy of Habitat for Humanity both within and outside of the organization.

(Voted on by PPHFH Board of Directors)

2017 Chris Brownlow Golden Hammer Award Recipient: Tye Tutt

Previous Winners: Harry Moore (16’), Mike Gallager (15’)George Hammond (14’), Steven Hein (13’), Brad Gann (12’), Candy Molter (11’), Jeff Mawhirter (10’), Mike Matkin (09’), Dave Warner (08’), Mark Long (07’), Rick Superak (’06)

Chris Brownlow Golden Hammer Award – Tye Tutt 1

Sam Adams, PPHFH Board President with Tye Tutt, Award Winner


The George Hammond Award

The George Hammond Award honors individuals who, through their tireless service to PPHFH, have exhibited qualities of leadership, an unwavering belief in Habitat’s ministry, as well as demonstrated a deep devotion and passion to serve the community and people of El Paso County, Colorado.

For 25 years George Hammond has been the committed builder of homes, communities, and hope in El Paso County. This award will henceforth recognize and be bestowed upon those volunteers that, in the PPHFH George Hammond Award Board of Director ad-hoc committee’s opinion, have significantly given of themselves and provided positive mentoring, guidance, support and collaboration to future homeowners, volunteers, and affiliate staff.

A recipient of the George Hammond Award is a volunteer who truly is noteworthy for their constant contributions to the mission of PPHFH - a constant supporter, a constant advocate and, most importantly, a constant leader.

(Henceforth, voted on by the PPHFH George Hammond Award Board of Director ad-hoc committee)

2018 George Hammond Award Recipient: George Hammond

Inaugural Winner: George Hammond (18’)

George Hammond Award pic with Kris

Sam Adams, PPHFH Board President with George Hammond, Award Winner (center), and Kris Medina, PPHFH Executive Director.