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Thank you for choosing Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity to complete your community service hours!

Please see below to start fulfilling your court-ordered hours requirement at our locations.

Contact Front Range Community Service at 719.442.2201 and ask them to fax your information to Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity. Learn More

Please show up in person to get started or schedule an appointment with the following contact people:

ReStore: Jeff White or Alesia Simpson can verify and sign for community service hours.
Office location: 411 S. Wahsatch Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80903.
The ReStore is great if you need flexibility and a large number of hours fairly quickly. The location is conveniently central and is open most days of the week.

Construction Site: Construction Superintendent Trevor Bennett can direct you to the appropriate person.
Office location: 2802 N. Prospect St., Colorado Springs, CO 80907.
The construction site is good for those who do not mind driving far north or south, and have more time to complete their hours before the deadline.

You will receive a Habitat timesheet at the time of your appointment. It is your responsibility to keep track of your timesheet. If you lose your timesheet, you lose any hours you’ve completed.

Complete your desired number of community service hours. If the experience is not working for you, you may contact Front Range Community Service to switch to another organization at any time.

Record your hours worked on the Habitat timesheet. Supervisors overseeing your work will need to sign off to validate hours on every shift. Without a supervisor's signature, your hours will not be valid.

Fax, send, or deliver your Habitat timesheet to the ReStore, 411 S. Wahsatch Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80903. Once received, we fax a record of your completed hours to Front Range Community Services.

Do not bring your Habitat timesheet directly to Front Range. It will not be approved without validation from Leslie Fox or Jeff White.

We welcome you to complete your community service hours with Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity. Please understand that it is your responsibility to contact the organization and get set up.

Note: Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity does not accept felonies, violence, or theft-related charges.

Front Range Community Services Inc. Learn More