Builders Blitz

Pikes Peak Habitat brings together professional homebuilders and subcontractors to collaboratively build safe and affordable housing. Typically a contractor takes the lead on the construction project, reaching out to their subcontractors and suppliers to cover the cost of the house. Habitat secures the site and selects the future homeowners.

These big-hearted companies donate their time, expertise, materials and supplies, and work alongside the Habitat homeowners. And on top of that, they build the entire house in an incredibly short time. This year marks our 4th Builders Blitz, with the house being completed in less than one month’s time!

Building costs average $150,000 per house, and Pikes Peak Habitat could not build homes without sponsorships to cover the construction costs. Our homebuilder sponsors’ dedication to give back to the community is a substantial help to Habitat, and ensures that more families will have a decent place to call home.