Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity: A Veterans Build Affiliate

RALEIGH, North Carolina USA (05/25/18) Photos from the 2018 Build-A-Thon wi© Habitat For Humanity International / Marcello Aquino

Veterans Build is Habitat for Humanity’s national initiative to provide housing solutions and volunteer and employment opportunities to U.S. veterans, military service members and their families.

As an official Veterans Build Affiliate with Habitat for Humanity International, Pikes Peak Habitat is part of a national effort to not only provide affordable and decent homes for men and women who have served but also join a larger voice advocating for the needs of our veterans and their families.

As a Veterans Build Affiliate, we’re committed to seeking more volunteer engagement from veteran groups as well as recruiting veterans for employment, internships and other service opportunities.

Meet our 3rd Veterans Build Partner Family!

Interested in helping build affordable housing for our veterans?

Facts About Veterans

The National Low Income Housing Coalition finds that 2.5 million veterans heading households are at least 55 years of age. Of those 2.5 million veterans, 24 percent have housing cost burdens. Unlike older civilians, our older veterans are more likely to have a disability — 35 percent versus 28 percent — which may require home modifications, as well as health and other supportive services as they age.

Our female veteran population is in need as well. According to a report by the National Housing Conference, nearly half of our veterans who are single mothers spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing. Female veterans face significant economic and housing challenges and are particularly vulnerable to housing cost burdens compared with our overall veteran population.

Likewise, our most recent veterans who have served following 9/11 have returned to a slow-growing economy and rising housing costs. These economic factors have made the transition from military service to civilian life difficult for many people.

Nearly 4 million of our veterans pay at least 30 percent of their income toward rent or mortgage, while more than 1.5 million pay at least 50 percent. As you can imagine, using half of your income to pay your rent or mortgage is an enormous strain on any budget.

The last thing a veteran should have to worry about is fighting for their own home.

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