About the Fund for Humanity

Created in 1968 and predating the establishment of Habitat for Humanity International, the Fund for Humanity began as the method of accomplishing partnership housing at Koinonia Farm. The concept centered on those in need of adequate shelter working side by side with volunteers to build decent, affordable houses. The houses would be built at no profit. New homeowners’ house payments would be combined with no-interest loans provided by supporters and money earned by fundraising to create “The Fund for Humanity,” which would then be used to build more homes.

Today, The Fund for Humanity refers to a collection of funding sources, including capital from loan sale programs, loan payoffs, monthly Habitat mortgage payments, unrestricted fundraising, and net proceeds from the ReStore.

The Fund for Humanity helps finance every home we build!

However, a Fund for Humanity Build references a home that was wholly supported by the Fund.

Current Fund for Humanity Builds and Partner Families

Janice's Family

Home dedication scheduled June 22, 2024...

A Place to Create Art

Janice and her youngest daughter, Matty, are both artists who have traveled a long path to their new home—but they’re looking forward to a place where they can settle and pursue their passions!

Janice, who is a member of the Urban Arts League and a charter member of the Wheat Ridge Art League, describes herself as “a traditional artist.” In addition to painting landscapes, she says, “I like to do Native stuff because I’m part Native. I go to powwows and research stuff. I do animals.”

Matty explains, “She does acrylic paintings. She likes to dabble in other things; she likes watercolor.”

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Miranda's Family

Home dedication scheduled for September 2024...

Giving Her Children the Life She Wants for Them

Miranda is a single mom of two preteen children. After her divorce, she and her kids lived with her parents on the eastern plains of Colorado, then she moved to El Paso County in 2016 to attend UCCS.

“I chose Colorado Springs because at that time, it was a really affordable city that offered all the things I wanted to offer my kids, with sports and schools and opportunities,” she explains. “My goal was one day I would be able to afford one of the condos around me.”

But housing costs have risen precipitously since then, leaving Miranda—like many other workforce employees—priced out of the market.

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Tonya's Family

Home dedication scheduled for April 2025...

Daughter's Christmas Wish Comes True

Tonya describes her journey to Pikes Peak Habitat as “kind of a long but short story.”

Originally from Baltimore, she and her family moved to El Paso County in 2015 to stay with her father, who has since passed. “I was going through a lot of hardships in Maryland, and I just wanted a change,” she explains.

Although she’s had her share of struggles here, too, Colorado is where she plans to remain. “I love the weather! I love the fact that you get all four seasons in one day,” she says. “Compared to where I’m from, it’s just so peaceful! I’m not in fear of my children growing up here. I don’t feel like if my son goes to the store, he won’t make it home, or if my girls go somewhere they won’t make it home.”

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Glenda's Family

Home dedication scheduled for May 2025

A Garden and a Reading Nook...

Glenda is a single mom of a teenage daughter and an adult son who has three kids of his own. She works as a patient access specialist, “meaning I deal with a lot of clients and help with scheduling and appointments,” she explains.

Years ago, she relocated to Colorado from her hometown of Albuquerque, NM, with her niece. While her extended family still lives in New Mexico, Glenda plans to remain in El Paso County. “My son is here, and my grandkids now, so I don’t see moving away,” she explains.

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Tamara's Family

Home dedication scheduled for June 2025...

A Huge Blessing for a Family Who Needs a Break...

“Something scary was at my house!” says 5-year-old Romeo. “It was a guy who had a gun and shot our apartment.”

His mom, Tamara, explains more about the incident. “It was about 8:30 at night,” she says. “I was slowly falling asleep on my bed, and my son was up watching cartoons on the couch. My window was wide open, and all I heard was just popping sounds. I jumped up and ran to the front room, pulled Romeo off the couch, and I just held him on the floor. Then we just went straight into the bathroom.”

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Previous Fund for Humanity Builds and Partner Families

Judith's Family

Perla's Family

A Note about the Land

We acknowledge that the land on which we build is the traditional territory of the Ute, Cheyenne and Arapaho Peoples. We also recognize the 48 contemporary tribal nations that are historically tied to the lands that make up this region.