George Hammond Award

Est. 2018

The George Hammond Award was created by the Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity (PPHFH) Board of Directors in April 2018 to honor the legacy, extraordinary service and outstanding contributions of longtime volunteer George Hammond.

George Hammond Award pic with Kris

Sam Adams, former PPHFH Board of Directors President (left) and Kris Lewis, PPHFH Executive Director/CEO, (right) presenting George Hammond (middle) with the George Hammond Award

Announcing the 2nd George Hammond Award Recipient

Watch the video below to see the surprise presentation of the George Hammond Award to its second recipient in December 2020.

Stay tuned for more details of the 2nd George Hammond Build and the partner family for this home. Our estimated completion for this home is in the fall of 2021.

About George

George Hammond is the first recipient of the George Hammond Award, an award named in his honor.

George is a man of ‘Commitment’ – Service to God, his family, his Country, and also to Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity and the families it serves. George is ‘humble’ – he is never motivated by recognition, in fact, the very opposite. While he is always appreciative, his motivation is for accomplishing the job at hand and serving the need versus any self-serving purpose. And, George is a ‘Role Model’ – he leads by doing and setting a good example.

These characteristics that most stand out about George Hammond, and his more than 25 years of tireless dedication to PPHFH, are why he is the worthy recipient of not just this award, but of it being created in his name. George has worked on all but one house PPHFH has built to date.


George Hammond Homes

A George Hammond Home will be built to honor each recipient, and its construction will be undertaken entirely by ‘Regular Volunteers’ (with the exception of required trades). Typically the build will occur in the next financial year (FY) after the award has been presented.

Wherever possible, the awardee will be present at all ceremonies and other related events associated with their George Hammond Home. If the award is presented posthumously, then the awardee’s closest kin and friends will be invited to represent the deceased.

Appropriate branding and banners will be on display at the construction site while the build is taking place.

The first George Hammond Home was built in 2018 (FY19). The build name and associated funding efforts surrounding it we've branded as such:

1st George Hammond Home – Honoring George Hammond.

GH Award

The Award

The George Hammond Award honors individuals who, through their tireless service to PPHFH, have exhibited qualities of leadership, an unwavering belief in Habitat’s ministry, as well as demonstrated a deep devotion and passion to serve the community and people of El Paso County, Colorado.

For more than 25 years, George Hammond has been the committed builder of homes, communities, and hope in El Paso County. This award will recognize and be bestowed upon those volunteers that, in the PPHFH George Hammond Award Board of Director ad-hoc committee’s opinion, have significantly given of themselves and provided positive mentoring, guidance, support and collaboration to future homeowners, volunteers, and affiliate staff.

A recipient of the George Hammond Award is a volunteer who truly is noteworthy for their constant contributions to the mission of PPHFH - a constant supporter, a constant advocate and, most importantly, a constant leader.

The forum where the award will be presented is the annual Volunteer Appreciation Event and shortly thereafter, and wherever possible, highlighted at an event open to the public such as an annual gala/ball. Maximum effort will be made to alert all media to the George Hammond Award and each of its future recipients.

At the award presentation, flowers, a trophy, and a framed certificate will be given. A permanent plaque will be created and names of recipients added, as appropriate.

The Nomination Process

The nomination period is not currently open.

A PPHFH volunteer or staff member, who are both respectively currently volunteering or employed in good standing, may jointly nominate a fellow volunteer who is also current and in good standing with the affiliate (recently deceased volunteers included) for consideration for the George Hammond Award. A deadline of thirty (30) days out will be posted once every financial year (FY) for the nomination window, via PPHFH's website and electronic newsletter.

An individual may only receive the George Hammond Award once, be it when they were alive or deceased.

It is envisioned that this award will not be presented annually, but rather bestowed when a volunteer is identified for their significant and positive contributions to the mission of PPHFH that are very similar in nature to the spirit and reason why the original award was established.


Learn more about Danyale and her family, the partner family who helped build and purchased the 1st George Hammond Home.