Our Committees

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Join a Committee

To apply for a committee, fill out a Volunteer Committee Application (PDF) and send it via email to the staff representative listed for your committee of choice. We accept committee applications at any time during the year. Members are selected on a rolling basis.

1. Find a Committee. 

2. E-mail Your Application to the Appropriate Contact Person.

Amber Hardy - Amber@pikespeakhabitat.org

  • Family Selection and Services Committee

Chloe Henry - Chloe@pikespeakhabitat.org

  • Apostles Build Subcommittee
  • Faith in Action Committee
  • Global Village Subcommittee
  • Interfaith Build for Unity Subcommittee

Eric Wells - Eric@pikespeakhabitat.org

  • Building/Construction Committee

Toby Drury - Toby@pikespeakhabitat.org

  • ReStore Committee

Kris Lewis - Kris@pikespeakhabitat.org

  • Advocacy Ad Hoc Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Site Selection Committee


  • Home Repair Committee

Stephanie Campbell - Stephanie@pikespeakhabitat.org

  • Finance Committee

More Volunteer Opportunities

Support a Special Project

  • Spanish Interpretation / Translation
  • Photographer / Videographer
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media
  • Speakers (Women Build & Youth Build)


Assist Staff in the Administrative Office

For more information please email our business office at office@pikespeakhabitat.org.