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Through Shelter, We Empower

Women Build challenges women from all walks of life to build - and to advocate for - decent, affordable houses in their own communities and throughout the world.

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Scheduled quarterly, we host four Women Build projects, in honor of the unwavering commitment the women of El Paso County have to their communities and families.

Women Build projects are scheduled in March, May, August, and November. We encourage all women and women's' groups to volunteer - no construction skills or experience is necessary!

You can participate in our Women Build projects by volunteering on the construction site, fundraising for a house sponsorship, recruiting volunteers to build, or promoting community awareness for Women Build.

Women Build volunteers have funded and built four homes in El Paso County. Sign up to volunteer below!

For questions about volunteering, please contact Sarah Buchen.

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Thank You to Our Generous Women Build Donors!

These companies are generous sponsors of our 2020 Women Build Events

Our Women Build Houses

1998: Our first Women Build house was built for a single mother and her son in the Mill Street neighborhood.

2009: PPHFH's Women Build was revitalized to build our second home for a single father and his son in the Woodmen Vistas neighborhood.

2011: Our third home was completed for a grandmother and her teenage granddaughter in the Woodmen Vistas neighborhood with great help from our co-sponsor Waste Management.

2016: Our fourth house was completed in Country Living for a single mother and her children with many thanks to our co-sponsor Wells Fargo.

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