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We Held a Ground Blessing Ceremony for Elizabeth's Family on April 17, 2021

Elizabeth's Family's Story...

Originally from California, Elizabeth moved with her parents to Colorado ten years ago. Elizabeth is a single mother, a teacher, and has two sons, Uriah and Isaiah. Elizabeth and her boys live in a two-bedroom apartment in Colorado Springs. The boys’ doctor has advised Elizabeth that they shouldn’t share a room as they both have asthma. A bigger home has been a goal for Elizabeth since they were diagnosed, but even their small apartment comes at a very high cost. Elizabeth struggles to pay rent, bills, and the fundamental needs of her family. Elizabeth works as a teacher in Colorado Springs and found out about Habitat through a coworker. Now, as a future homeowner with Habitat, Elizabeth is looking forward to having a backyard for her boys and a safe, permanent place for them to grow and be healthy.

Elizabeth's sons, Uriah and Isaiah, drew the picture below - a sweet rendition of their home to be!

Elizabeth’s Children’s Thank You Picture