Pikes Peak Habitat honors Rosalynn Carter's life of grace, compassion, and service. We extend our deepest condolences to the Carter family.

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Our Families and Their Stories

everyone needs a strong roof to protect their dreams.

Our families were accepted to participate in the homeownership program at Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity because they were able to demonstrate three main criteria: an ability to pay, a willingness to partner, and a need for housing. When our families were future homeowners, they had to complete 200 hours of 'Sweat Equity' and attend first-time homebuyer classes and monthly financial reviews. Now our families are moved into their homes and make affordable monthly mortgage payments.


We are so proud of our homeowners for accomplishing their goals!


everyone deserves a decent place to live.

Penny's Family

“If I did not take these children, there would be no guarantee our family would have seen them again, or that they would have stayed together…”

Last year Penny became the sole provider for her niece’s newborn twins. They were born prematurely and their mother could not take care of them. Social Services contacted Penny to see if she would assume custody of the babies. Without a second thought, Penny agreed, adding to the three older children she took custody of ten years ago. Now with a family of five children from infants to teens (Penny also has a son of her own who is grown and has his own family), Penny needed to find a more affordable and permanent home big enough for her and the five children.

With the new babies joining the family, Penny’s mobile home rental would not suffice. She packed up the family and moved to a rental home. Due to the high cost of rentals, Penny was forced to move to a home too small for the family. Even the cost of that house has added a financial strain for her.

Now as a future homeowner with Habitat, Penny no longer worries about how much or how often rent will increase. She will no longer need to move each year. Penny dreams of having a home where the whole family can sit down for a meal. A home with a yard. A home where the kids have their own rooms. These dreams are about to become a reality for Penny and her family.

“How nice it would be to go to bed and think, ‘I did it. We did it. We are homeowners and we are finally home.’”

Thank you to our sponsor for helping with this build!

Thrivent Home Build ~ Dedicated January 2019

Rick's Family

For a number of years, Rick and his twin daughters have searched for their forever home. On Rick’s income, paying market rental rates was not financially feasible, so he and his daughters sought the help of Greccio Housing, a nonprofit specializing in subsidized rental properties. Safely housed, Rick built up his finances to the point his modest income exceeded Greccio’s housing guidelines. Rick was still in search of his forever home, but his income increase was not enough to keep up with the rising costs of homes in El Paso County. Through Greccio, Rick learned about Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity and decided to apply for a home. Having served in the US Army, Rick qualified for our Veteran Home Build. Upon learning he was selected as a future homeowner, Rick was overjoyed and said: “This is like winning the lottery. We wouldn’t be able to buy a home without your help.”

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Veteran Home Build ~ Dedicated October 2018

Candace & Sanford's Family

"We have dreamed of owning a house ever since our first child was born."

Candace and Sanford’s family are celebrating the benefits of their hard work. Previously, the family shared a room in Candace’s grandmother’s five-bedroom house with six other family members. Overcrowded, to say the least, Candace and Sanford can’t wait to have a space large enough to hold their family, a stable home for their children with a safe backyard to play in.


Thank you to our sponsors for helping with this build!





Among the other real estate companies who generously donated to this build!


Real Estate Build ~ Dedicated September 2018

Shaun's Family

During the Ground Blessing ceremony for his Habitat home, future homeowner Shaun spoke of his only Christmas wish; that in 2018, he and his son would be safe in their own home for Christmas.

With the kind backing and love of Pikes Peak Habitat’s supporters and volunteers, it is a dream come true. Shaun and his young son Elliott will be in their own house for Christmas! And as Elliott starts first grade this year, he also has a safe place to come back to after school. A place that they can truly call home.

Shaun had been struggling to start over in the Springs since Hurricane Katrina devastated his home and business back in 2005. He's had a hard time and has had to live with his brother while rebuilding his life. What he's wanted most is to give his little boy a house, just for them.

Shaun and 6-year-old Elliott now have a new beginning and a place to call their own!





Fund for Humanity ~ August 2018