Help us Provide El Paso County Students with Permanent, Safe, Affordable Housing

Before moving into her Pikes Peak Habitat home, Jessica learned that her son, Bryson was acting out at school. Jessica struggled to balance the demands of her job with Bryson’s needs, so she decided to sacrifice her career, knowing it would entail a significant pay cut.

Jessica and Bryson have been in their Pikes Peak Habitat home since February 2024 and Jessica has already seen changes in Bryson’s behavior. “Bryson’s attitude has changed for the better. He no longer dreads coming home from school, and it’s not as hard to go get him off to school in the morning,” shares Jessica.

“It's not a huge deal if mom doesn't have money to go somewhere fun for the weekend. We have plenty of friends right here...” adds Jessica.

Jessica and Bryson’s experience is not unique to Pikes Peak Habitat homeowners. 

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