Global Village

A Global Village trip is a short-term service trip where you can volunteer abroad or in your home country with Habitat for Humanity.

All trips vary based on the country and itinerary, but all of them include a mix of work, rest and free time. It is Habitat's desire that these trips not only utilize your skills to build safe, affordable houses in places where they are desperately needed, but also give you the opportunity to see another culture up-close and live like a local.

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Read about Our Executive Director Kris Lewis' reflections from her trip in March 2018 below.

Habitat International Trip to Uganda

Today was a long and jam-packed day though very fulfilling. We toured a village of vulnerable populations where we saw homes under construction and toured completed homes. Also participated in a women's savings group celebration as they met their most recent goal to purchase two chairs and curtains for a member's home.

The Habitat homes are four rooms with an outside latrine and bathing room plus a water tank and a hand washing contraption.

The homeowner was sent away by her husband because their daughters have sickle cell. She also cares for her two nephews who are carriers of sickle cell and their family abandoned them. She is fortunate in that she owns some land and has a couple of crops to help support them. She also sells vegetables from her home, and one nephew has a carpentry certificate courtesy of Habitat Uganda's trade program.

This father was injured during a cattle raid and is unable to work. He tends to his children and brings water to the contractors as his contribution to the project. They currently live in the mud huts. When puberty begins, the boys and girls move to a separate hut next to their parents' hut. These are very small one-room huts. One for sleeping, one for cooking.

Watching contractors build the home.