Pictured: Habitat homeowner Jessica and her children Amiyah and Noah

Join us throughout the month of April as we build awareness for the need of decent, affordable shelter.

Everyone deserves the security and stability of a decent home that they can afford.

Home should be a refuge -  a safe place to rest, make memories that will last a lifetime, and watch children grow. But, for too many, that isn’t the case. There isn’t any one obstacle to affordable homeownership — it can be a disaster or an unexpected diagnosis, entrenched discrimination, or an unfolding financial crisis. But there is one key to unlocking a brighter future: home.

And that’s why we work to break down barriers and bring people together — to tear down those obstacles and build a world where everyone, no matter who we are or where we come from, has a decent place to live. A safe, decent, and affordable place to call home can free a homeowner from financial instability, stress, and having to make impossible choices between essential needs. A safe, decent, and affordable home can create opportunity and open up a world of possibility, a world of equity, fairness, better health, and stronger communities. Together, we can build that world.

Please support our Home is the Key campaign to help us build more equitable communities right here in El Paso County, CO, and overseas through our select tithing partners!

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Every single one of us deserves a decent life

Advocating for Affordable Housing

Learn more about housing equity and why Pikes Peak Habitat works to put justice and true community at the forefront of our efforts.