Our Homeowner Family Stories

Meet some of the families who are partnering with Pikes Peak Habitat to build strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter

Pikes Peak Habitat's homeownership and home repair programs partner with workforce families in El Paso County, CO. Meet some of these families!

Kayla's Family

3rd George Hammond Build -- Honoring Tim Trowbridge

Kayla is a Colorado Springs native and member of a close-knit family -- but she and her two children have had to move frequently due to changes in income requirements, rent increases and unsafe neighborhoods.

When they move into their new home, Kayla says her son looks forward to finally unpacking all his possessions! And her daughter wants a puppy. Kayla is excited about planting a garden in her yard.

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Learn about the 3rd George Hammond Build -- Honoring Tim Trowbridge.

Join us Saturday, Nov. 4, at 10:30 a.m. for Kayla's home dedication in The Ridge at Sand Creek!

Ricardo and Mariela's Family

Apostles Build

Ricardo will be a second-generation Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity homeowner! He and his wife, Mariela, are excited to provide a permanent home for their four sons.

Ricardo can’t wait to pick up that hammer and screwdriver on the job site. “We’re excited! That’s the fun part,” he says. “You put up a wall, you put up part of something, and it’s yours, and you built it with your hands. It’s pretty exciting, pretty cool.”

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Jessica's Family

Interfaith Build for Unity

As a single mother, Jessica struggled to balance the demands of her job with the need to care for her son. When she learned “he was acting out in school,” she decided to sacrifice her career, even though she knew leaving her job would entail a significant pay cut. She quickly found a new position, but the salary was much lower. She and her son live in a 290-square-foot studio apartment that has numerous safety issues, electrical hazards, and holes around the windows.

When they move into their new home, her son anticipates having space to play with his Legos and have Nerf wars with his mom!

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Maria's Family

Fund for Humanity

Maria and her two teenagers live in a two-bedroom apartment. Although she's grateful to receive housing assistance from Section 8, Maria has also experienced discrimination from landlords.

When the family moves into their new home, her children will have their own room -- something they're looking forward to!

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