Patty's Home Repair Story

Patty is a senior homeowner who is trying to remain in her home for as long as she can. She is a petite woman with a friendly disposition, yet she struggles with disabilities and some health problems that make the upkeep of her home a challenge at times. Water was seeping into her home when it rained, so she reached out for help. There was no overhang on her roof, and over the years, water had damaged the exterior side wall of her home, making an easy entrance for water to ruin the interior insulation, sheetrock, and framing.

Before 1

Above and below, Patty's house before the repairs

Closet exterior1

Pikes Peak Habitat construction staff determined that testing for asbestos in the siding was needed, as well as testing of the indoor air quality due to the mold. Fortunately, asbestos wasn't detected, but the mold results were shocking: the indoor air quality test measured airborne mold concentrations at 53,209 p/m3 (parts per cubic meter) compared to 9,432 p/m3 outside!

Because her health had not been good recently, Patty wasn't sure she would be able to fulfill her sweat equity in partnership with Pikes Peak Habitat, but she was willing to entertain ideas as she spoke to Pikes Peak Habitat staff about repairing her home. She considered a variety of tasks that she could do to contribute to her sweat equity.

When the day came to start the work at her home, Patty's excitement grew as the cars and trucks pulled up in front of her house. Pikes Peak Habitat's team of volunteers began work right away, setting up tools and equipment and tearing off the old, rotted materials. Good-natured conversation among the crew and their demonstrated skill put Patty at ease with the project moving forward. Hearing the laughter and talking, she would often come outside and join in the
discussions. She made a point to be out with the team as often as she could during the project and often commented that she thoroughly enjoyed them being there.

The repairs were well done and completed on schedule. Patty shared many positive comments about the staff and volunteers, and she said more than once that this was the "coolest thing to ever happen to me!" Not only is her house in much better shape to provide a safe environment for Patty, but the uplifting interactions among staff and volunteers added a much-needed boost to her health, too. And for her sweat equity? Patty has challenged herself to perform 72 good deeds in the community as her contribution to the project.

Below, Patty's home after repairs

repairs and paint to window wall
painted siding