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Perla's family story

Perla is a single mother to two children – a son and a daughter. Perla’s family currently lives in a trailer that is in critical disrepair. She’s very excited to be a future homeowner with Habitat and shared that she feels “blessed and a joy in my heart. I had been praying for a roof for more than 8 or 9 years.” When asked what excited her most about living in a new house, Perla shared, “That we are going to have a place where the needs of a human being are covered. To feel safe and calm about not being cold, or having leaks, or that a stranger comes into the house and hurts us – no holes, no mice [in the house].”


Thanks for Helping Us Welcome Perla's Family to Their New Home!

About the Fund for Humanity

Created in 1968 and predating the establishment of Habitat for Humanity International, the Fund for Humanity began as the method of accomplishing partnership housing at Koinonia Farm. The concept centered on those in need of adequate shelter working side by side with volunteers to build decent, affordable houses. The houses would be built at no profit. New homeowners’ house payments would be combined with no-interest loans provided by supporters and money earned by fundraising to create “The Fund for Humanity,” which would then be used to build more homes.

Today, The Fund for Humanity refers to a collection of funding sources, including capital from loan sale programs, loan payoffs, monthly Habitat mortgage payments, unrestricted fundraising, and net proceeds from the ReStore.

The Fund for Humanity helps finance every home we build!

However, a Fund for Humanity Build references a home that was wholly supported by the Fund.