Post up for Veterans

Participate in our first Post Up for Veterans fundraiser!

Sponsor a stud or block and create a message of hope, encouragement, or inspiration for Army veteran family Damian and Trinady. 

How it works...

1. Sponsor a stud or block:

  • Make a donation of $35 per block or $50 per stud (see the form at the bottom of the page) to support Pikes Peak Habitat’s Veterans Build home construction.
  • After you purchase your stud or block, you will receive an email with details on receiving your wood. Questions? Contact Emma Price, Assistant Donor Relations Manager, at 719-475-7800 ext. 113 or email Emma@PikesPeakHabitat.org.

2. Decorate the stud or block:

3. Return it to us:

4. Join us for our Open House:

  • Visit us on our construction site on Saturday, July 13, from 12 - 2 p.m. to see where your stud or block ends up in the framework of the home.

*All end products must be family-friendly, non-offensive, and fit within Habitat's principles of promoting dignity and hope to all of God's children. Please refrain from using any political speech, profanity, or inappropriate content. Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity reserves the right to withhold any stud or block that we deem inappropriate.

*Please use permanent creative instruments (pens, markers, paint, etc.). Please do not cut, carve, or drill the wood, or do anything else that would alter the shape or compromise the integrity of the stud or block. You do not need to seal the wood with anything such as polyurethane.