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Prisca and Noella's Family Story...

Prisca and Noella are sisters, originally from Central Africa Republic. The two sisters fled their country with Noella’s son after violence swept through their homeland. Noella, Prisca, and Noella’s son came to the United States as refugees and currently live in a very small apartment. Noella and Prisca are excited to rebuild their lives in a stable and safe community. Noella and Prisca are looking forward to “be able to have the freedom to be responsible for our home so that when it is paid for it will belong to our family.” Noella shared words of gratitude for the donors and volunteers that will help build their family’s home, “God never ever leave us behind, and here we are. We lost everything, but God… he’s provided us more. Like we are going to get a home and I am so, so thankful about that. … Thank you for everything that you guys provide us. I just want to say thank you. Thank you so much.”

About the Apostles Build

The ecumenical Apostles Faith (formerly Thrivent Faith Build) Build brings local churches from around El Paso County together to raise walls, funds, and prayers, to build a house in partnership with a family in our community in need of affordable housing. Through this build, and as an affiliate as a whole, we seek to display the love of Christ through our work in our local community. The Apostles Faith Build program is an opportunity to live out your church’s local outreach ministry, fellowship with other church congregations from around El Paso County, and see the miracle that occurs when God touches the hearts of future homeowners and the volunteers who work alongside them.