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What is a Real Estate Build?

In late 2016, several real estate entities approached Pikes Peak Habitat to see how they could sponsor a house.

Caring real estate companies in El Paso County, selected and invited by Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity (PPHFH), will now join together to financially sponsor and build a house for a deserving family. Realtors, land-owners, property managers, title companies, builders, mortgage holders, and mortgage lenders – all can support the Real Estate Build! The real estate industry is booming in El Paso County and what better way to give back to your community than through Habitat?

REB 2019 Info Sheet

What is expected of a sponsor?

Each group provides a point of contact to coordinate and communicate with PPHFH.

The minimum financial commitment of sponsorship is $5,000 ($2,500 from brokerage and $2,500 from a “team” of 10 within the brokerage company).

Each group also provides a signed “Letter of Partnership” by March 1, 2019.

To participate in this project, please sign our 2019 Letter of Partnership and go to our Real Estate Build donation page.

For those donating $2,500 or more, preference will be given to work on site as an Adopt-A-Day.

What is expected of PPHFH?

We select a qualified family committed to partnering with the program.

PPHFH provides the land, architecture plans, construction supervisor, and materials.

When requested, we can assist with volunteer coordination and fundraising efforts.

PPHFH will clearly communicate expectations to all partner sponsors.

For further questions about the 2019 Real Estate Build, please contact Iain Probert, or 719.475.7800 ext. 105.

Why participate in the Real Estate Build?

  • Support permanent, affordable housing in El Paso County.
  • Participants can build community with other like-minded companies.
  • Marketing and promotional opportunities, tax incentive and more.
  • Use the talents of your team, learn new skills and make a positive impact.
  • Partner in a hands-on project that helps a family achieve homeownership and you make a transformative difference in the lives of your neighbors.

Where do we build?

Country Living, our 34-home neighborhood in Fountain, Colorado.

How is the homeowner chosen?

Habitat uses a fair and unbiased family selection process, choosing families based on:

Need for affordable housing.
Ability to pay their mortgage.
Willingness to partner with Habitat.

Previous Builds:


Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity was granted nonprofit status by I.R.S. code 501(c)(3).
Our Federal Tax I.D. number is 35-1640064.

Donations are tax deductible in the year they are made — by the end of Dec. 31

If you put a contribution to Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity on a credit card by the end of the year and don't pay the bill until 2019, it's still deductible in 2018.

If you choose to mail a check to Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity, it must be postmarked by Monday, December 31st, 2018. Adhering to these dates will ensure you get the tax benefit for this year, 2018.