Recycle page header with images of recycle bin, paint, and toilets

Recycle with the ReStores!

Our Pikes Peak Habitat ReStores save tons of items from landfills every year! Not only do we resell gently used and new home-improvement items, but we also accept certain items to recycle.

Please let our associates know if metal-based materials are intended for recycling. All recyclable materials and items intended for donation must be free of chemicals.


Windmill made of screwdrivers

We accept a range of metal products for recycling, including

  • sinks
  • tubs
  • doors
  • wiring
  • rusted hand tools
  • hardware
  • copper


Toilets for recycling

Porcelain is non-biodegradable, so we work with Colorado Springs Utilities to "commode the road" -- recycling crushed porcelain into road base.

We accept high-flow and non-working toilets for recycling. They may have cracks, missing hardware, etc. Toilets must be stripped of all

  • metal
  • plastic
  • wax ring
  • flushing mechanisms

We also recycle porcelain sinks.


Paint cans

Paint that isn't in good enough condition to be resold is recycled through PaintCare. This organization works with companies that create recycled paint--and we also carry recycled paint at both ReStores!

The ReStores recycle more paint annually than it takes to paint the Pentagon, the world's largest office building (155,000 gallons)!

Please note that we can only accept up to 10 gallons of paint per customer per day for recycling. (This is 10 gallons total, so if you have 20 half-full gallon cans, bring them in!)


Graphic of shirts, shoes, and laundry basket

The ReStores accept donations of gently used clothing (but no underwear, please!), shoes, and other textiles. We recycle these items; they are not resold in our stores.

Please place textiles in a plastic bag and leave them in the designated bins in our donation drop-off areas.



Tile must be free of grout and adhesive.