Sumonrat 16

Virtual Home Dedication for Sumonrat's Family:

Sumonrat's Family's Story...

A native of Thailand, Sumonrat met and married her husband in her homeland while she was working at a hotel and her husband was serving his country in the U.S. Army. The couple moved to the United States in 2013 after the army transferred them to South Korea and eventually to Colorado Less than two years after the move to Colorado, Sumonrat’s husband died unexpectedly. Widowed in an unfamiliar country with no support system, Sumonrat was faced with earning a livelihood and finding a new place to live. Her newborn son, Jefferson, was depending on her. With a little help from army liaisons, Sumonrat was able to secure a job at a hotel and relocate to a gated apartment complex. Her family’s safety was of top priority, and she opted to spend more on housing so that she and Jefferson could live in a safe neighborhood.

As Jefferson grew, Sumonrat’s job at the hotel became too inflexible for a single mother. As the sole provider and caretaker for her son, Sumonrat had to make the tough decision to transition to a job with lower pay and fewer benefits so that she could have a flexible schedule to have more time for Jefferson. Unfortunately, maintaining her hefty housing cost now is becoming too burdensome to maintain, and the neighborhood no longer feels as safe as it once did. The gate to the community is frequently broken, and unauthorized guests enter the property unhindered. At the recommendation of a coworker, a current Habitat homeowner, Sumonrat took a chance and applied for homeownership with Habitat.

In April, she was approved as a future homeowner. A dream come true. This was actually the second dream that Sumonrat achieved this year. In January, Sumonrat became a United States citizen - an accomplishment that brings her great pride. She knows that life in America will provide her son with a better education and a more secure future. And now she can rest at ease knowing that Jefferson will also grow up in a safe, affordable home.