Lists benefits of homeownership: health outcomes, environmental outcomes, financial stability and wealth building. civic and social engagement, educational outcomes, economic impact

Habitat for Humanity International's Evidence Brief: Why Home Matters

Through a series of evidence briefs, Habitat is sharing research on the impact that affordable housing has on individuals and families in the U.S. and beyond.

Family in doorway of home

What Are the Benefits of Homeownership?

Homeownership (PDF) leads to greater economic stability, education access, civic and social engagement, and health, plus reducing environmental footprints.

Woman and child in front of home

Who Has Access to Homeownership?

The first step in bringing homeownership to more families is to understand who currently has access to homeownership (PDF) and what factors play a role.

Woman and child by door of home

How Do Racial Inequities Limit Homeownership Opportunities?

Black and Hispanic/Latino households face unique barriers to homeownership (PDF).

Girl with key to front door

How Does Homeownership Contribute to Wealth Building?

For low-income households and households of color in the U.S., homeownership can be a catalyst to wealth building (PDF).

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How Does Housing Affect Children's Education?

The location and condition of a child’s house plays a significant role in their physical, cognitive and emotional development and well-being, which impacts their education (PDF).

Woman holding little girl

How Does Housing Impact Health?

People with low incomes and communities of color tend to reside in places with more health risks and face cost burdens that encourage housing instability, which can jeopardize the ability to meet their basic needs (PDF).