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Habitat for Humanity's #CostOfHome Campaign

Working to make the #CostOfHome something we can all afford

Habitat for Humanity's five-year Cost of Home campaign is finding solutions and helping create policies that will allow access to affordable homes for 10 million individuals.

Why Home Matters

Through a series of evidence briefs, Habitat is sharing research on the impact that affordable housing has on individuals and families in the U.S. at home and beyond.

Our Commitment

Habitat for Humanity will work to ensure that no family has to spend more than half their paycheck to cover the cost of home.

Families across the United States pay too much for their home. Rent and homeownership costs are skyrocketing, and wages are not keeping pace. Everywhere you look — cities, suburbs, rural areas — the stability that home brings remains out of reach for too many families. Families should never have to spend more than 30% of their income on a home.

Cost of Home in Colorado

In Colorado, one in seven households spends more than half their income on housing. Lower-income households are especially likely to experience unaffordable housing costs that require more than 30% of their income. Many face severe cost burdens, requiring more than 50% of their income.

The underproduction of housing and the shortage of entry-level homes are driving up unaffordability and impeding efforts to close racial and ethnic gaps in homeownership.

Proposition 123

While acknowledging that our lack of affordable housing won’t be solved with just one policy, fund or measure, we believe Proposition 123 is a needed and valuable tool to expand the number of affordable units in Colorado. Funds from this initiative will allow cities throughout the state to determine how best to locally invest in workforce housing solutions. Read more.

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