Little Village Subdivision Home Dedication

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Made possible by funding from the Department of Housing & Urban Development administered by the

City of Colorado Springs Community Development Division.


The Ground Blessing of E Dale Street

Celebrating the Commencement of Construction 11.28.18

Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity Celebrates Groundbreaking of New Habitat Community

Mayor John Suthers and other dignitaries were on hand Wednesday for the groundbreaking of the newest 'Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity Homes' in Colorado Springs. The subdivision construction is set to be completed by December 2019.

We invite you to join in on building this new Habitat community! If you are interested in volunteering with us, please check out how here.

Family profile


To avoid hikes in rental rates, Jennifer and her four children have lived in an overcrowded, subsidized apartment for the past seven years. At one point, Jennifer tried to purchase a home on the open market, but she was not able to qualify for a large enough amount to purchase the size home her family needs.

Gayle also lives in subsidized rental housing. She has always dreamed of owning her own home, but in 2011, her health began to fail and as a result, her thyroid was removed. She continues to work full time, but with additional medical expenses and the physical limitations of living life without a thyroid, she knew she would never qualify for a large enough loan to purchase a home for herself and her children.

These hardworking mothers have been brought together by a desire to provide stability for their children. As future neighbors, these women will be working side-by-side on the construction site as their homes are built.

“I have fought really had to prove to my children that it is possibly to make a life for yourself even when times are tough.” – Jennifer

“I can’t wait to say ‘I own a home’” – Gayle

Jennifer and Gayle’s opportunity to purchase their own homes will create an impact beyond just their own families. First, the housing vouchers that Jennifer and Gayle needed will now be distributed to new households. Second, once Jennifer and Gayle move into their homes, they will be paying property taxes which will be reinvested in the El Paso County community. Third, the mortgage payments that Jennifer and Gayle make will be recycled back into Habitat’s program to build future Habitat homes.