Bridgebuilding: An Interfaith Collaboration

Part of the Team Up Project
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Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity is honored to be involved in The Team Up Project -- a White House initiative focused on bridgebuilding. Founding partner organizations are Catholic Charities USA, Habitat for Humanity International, Interfaith America, and YMCA of the USA.

About Team Up

The Team Up Project is invested in the power of connection to bridge divides, to cultivate cooperation across differences, and to create a brighter future for our communities and our nation.

The Team Up Project aims to create avenues for bridgebuilding by offering tools, resources, and programming that equip people and organizations with the skills to celebrate differences, identify shared values, and work together to address shared needs.

About Bridgebuilding: An Interfaith Collaboration Video Series

As Pikes Peak Habitat's contribution to the project, we've created an eight-part video series focused on our interfaith projects, including our Interfaith Build for Unity.

These videos are designed to be flexible and helpful for organizations interested in starting or expanding their interfaith work. You can watch chronologically or choose those most relevant to your work. They can be helpful for individuals, organizations, businesses, and faith communities. In addition, the accompanying workbook (PDF) offers questions for reflection and ways to adapt the content to your specific project.

Video 1: How to Use This Video Series

This video introduces the eight-part series and how it might be used – either chronologically as a full series or a single video as applicable to your context.

Video 2: Planting Interfaith Seeds

The Why Behind Interfaith Work

Pikes Peak Habitat CEO Kris Lewis, affiliate leaders, and a homeowner provide context including local affordable housing needs, the importance of interfaith collaboration, and the Interfaith Build for Unity as a potential model for interfaith work.

Video 3: How Do You Initially Reach Out to Faith Groups?

When you are interested in building bridges with individuals from diverse faiths, where do you begin? What are some helpful tips for reaching out to faith leaders from various belief systems? How do you assess potential needs in the community? This module discusses these questions to equip those at the very start of the interfaith project process.

Video 4: What Do Different Faiths and Belief Systems Say About Service?

Numerous faith traditions and belief systems discuss the importance of helping others, or the Golden Rule. This module explores the importance that helping others plays in a variety of faith traditions. You will also have space to consider the values or beliefs that propel you to engage with interfaith work.

Video 5: Getting Started on an Interfaith Project

How do you identify a core human need that will translate across faith traditions, become a realistic motivator, and act as a unifying goal for an interfaith project? In this session, local faith leaders share their perspectives on how to get started on an interfaith project.

Video 6: What Challenges Have You Faced Pursuing Interfaith Work?

This session highlights some of the challenges Pikes Peak Habitat’s interfaith subcommittee has faced over the years and provides tips on how to address them for other organizations facing similar challenges.

Video 7: How Do You Build Sustainability Over Time with Your Interfaith Project?

How do you keep momentum going over time? How can the collective power of diverse communities putting faith into action be harnessed, perhaps for future projects? This session delves into how to create sustainability with an interfaith project.

Video 8: What Does an Interfaith Dialogue Look Like?

A Conversation on Interfaith Collaboration

This module provides a real-life example of a natural, organic interfaith dialogue for viewers to analyze.